Welcome to APTE Project

A Pathway to Employment

We work with unemployed low-skilled young people and people over 45 to make them aware of their skills and improve their employability in sectors of the future, through an innovative and unique pathway.

A European Project

We belong to five organisations of four different countries. We have a common goal: improving employability of low-skilled young people and people over 45.

We are working together for two years to join our expertise and create a unique methodology in a European context.


Pro Bono

Participants in our Pathway will do pro bono work for non profit organisations, as a way to develop their professional skills while learning about the problematics of social economy.


We want to promote the creation of intergenerational links. Unemployed people +45 together with unemployed young people will work in pairs to improve their employability.

Green and Social Economy

We want to approach job-seekers to professions with a positive environmental and social impact through specific training.

Partners organisations